Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Passed Down From Generation To Generation!

So I have had an on going joke with my mum for years now on the fact that in every family there should be something passed down from generation to generation. Whether it be wisdom, facts or actual physical objects. Ive always said to my mum that there must be something that has been passed down the family. Some familys its a wedding ring passed from grandmother to grandaughter. Others its a watch from father to son. Another could be the key to the best roast dinner, or the secret ingridient to aunt Sue's famous apple pie. Either way most familys have one.
The on going joke between my mother and I is that our family don't have one. As far as I am aware my father has not passed a watch down to my brother, nor has my grandmother passed down her jewelry. There is no secret ingridient to aunt Sue's pie, but thats mainly because aunt Sue doesnt exist. My mother may have passed down some of her wisdom on the roast dinner front. But that is mainly just timing is everything. For ages I thought that no objects or wisdom had been passed down our family for generation to generation but today I found it. Today I realised what it is that has been passed down.
Not the most amazing object of beauty nor the most powerful part of wisdom. No, but the part of my life that has been affected by the previous generation is this....................................

This is the fridge and the knowledge passed down to me by my parents has influenced my use of the fridge. I know it sounds strange and I know it might make me a little crazy but this is how i was brought up to think. And now I have realised that this is the wisdom and knowledge that I have had passed down to me. My mum has given me the knowledge that you should keep every condiment and food stuff contained in a jar you may ever need in the fridge! Yes I have ketchup, brown sauce, mayo, salad cream, garlic and hearb dressing, nando's sauce, mustard, beatroot, jam and olives. I may not use them on a daily basis but I do know if they are ever needed they will be in my fridge. This may not seem like important information but to me it was always something I knew, something I had been taught!
The second piece of knowledge passed down from the older generation to me comes courtesy of my dad. I had never realised the wisdom that he had passed down until now. This wisdom also realates to the fridge. And this is that you should always have a packet of dark chocolate digestives in the fridge! They cant simply be contained in a biscuit tin as the chocolate will melt. Or as I see it, that in the tin they will be forgoten but in the fridge everytime you go there you will see them and you will want one, even if you are just about to make dinner. For years I never wondered why the buscuits were in the fridge, I just saw it as fact, chocolate buscuits belong in the fridge. Now I realise not alot of people feel the same but I shall forever keep my chocolate digestives in the fridge.
So now I know there is something that has passed down the generations. It might not be of great value or great importance but it has stuck with me.
All I can say now is I feel sorry for any effect I have on a future generation, I think I will stick to good old fashioned Wisdom.

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