Wednesday, 24 March 2010

To Sell Or Not To Sell That Is The Question!

So as you know lately I have really got back into art and painting. I keep coming up with ideas and i just need to get them onto paper. For some reason I got the idea into my head that I might be able to sell my art and actually make a bit of a profit.

So here it goes!

With the creative geniusness of my Boyfriend I will aim to get my art out there and seen and hopefully sold to the public. My boyfriend is going to help me design and make a website to house all my creative pieces of crap (lol) and I will have an online shop for people to purchase my art.

This genius idea can only go one of two ways...

1. It can be great. It can be an amazing success I will sell all my pieces and have commitions for more art and become an amazing famous rich artist over night.


2. It can fail. I could get no intrest in my art. I can sell nothing and just be left with a flat full of unsold art.

Either way I'm not fussed I'm not in it for the money or the fame (although both would be nice) I'm in it for the art... I'm doing something I love that makes me happy and I will have an adventure while I'm doing it. Sucesss or not I will have fun and get to do what I love and if it works out then I have more fun and be even happier!

Wow can't boyfriends just be the most inspiring people. Without him I would still be a bored lonley nobody with no confidence to pick up a paint brush, let alone start my own site and display my art to the word and try to sell it!

Here goes nothing...

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